Saturday, 1 December 2012

Don't Blog on an Empty Stomach

Hello! I know, it's been a while. After Mr Cycling Chef left for his trip I was suffering from serious ennui. I drank too much wine, ate nothing but omelettes and overbooked myself with social events. Don't get me wrong, I make a damn fine omelette, but I wasn't feeling inspired enough to write about it. Then I was under the weather for a week and was eating the same damn fine omelette but without the wine. I've missed cooking but more than that, I've missed sharing! Cooking for one is a skill. Oftentimes you either end up throwing away spoiled food or eating the same thing for the entire week. Don't get me wrong, I love a good leftover, but they say variety is the spice of life and mine has been a little bland. So I put the empty wine bottles in the recycling bin, cleaned my kitchen and decided to make something for the office decorating party. I wanted something that would travel well, would showcase how delicious vegan desserts can be and that wasn't too fussy to make. I ended up with these:

Homemade, gluten-free, vegan Twix Bars!

These are to die for! Except you don't really want to die for them 'cuz then you wouldn't get to stuff your face. I originally made them as a thank-you for a friend of Mr Cycling Chef who had helped him move his stuff before his grand adventure. They were so good that only half of them made it to the guy, as Mr CC had to test the rest for, ahem, poison? Anytime my burly, prairie-raised, meat and potato guy enjoys one of my vegan, gluten free dishes it makes me goofy happy. I'm a total sucker. Anyhoo, back to these bars. If you're looking for something sweet, easy to make and slightly unusual, these are them. Developed by one of my favourite bloggers, Angela of Oh She Glows, these are a great treat to add to your holiday arsenal. You can find the recipe here. Like I said, I made a batch for the office holiday party and they were a huge hit. Just make sure you keep them cold, or else they start to get a little too gooey and soft. And try not to eat the whole pan at once, or you might end up looking like this:


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  1. Looks really yum! :) And I looove your cat :)